Seminar Testimonials

After our free seminars, we ask attendees to fill out a quick questionaire so that we can react to their specific questions or comments about our workshops. Sometimes we get an added testimonial as to the effectiveness and information they received during the workshop. Here ar a few samples along with several unsolicited comments from attendees who have become clients.

“We were impressed with the clarity Phil Flanigan brought to the subject of estate planning and revocable living trusts in his public presentations we attended.  The VIP Membership Program benefits are intended to provide participants the tools, knowledge and services to maintain and improve their estate plan. There are other amenities related to health issues in the VIP Program as well. We are pleased to know our estate plan will be reviewed annually by the Law Offices of Philip Flanigan and that amendments can be made as needed.  We are pleased with the warm personal services we are receiving by Philip Flanigan’s Law Office and the knowledge that the needs of our heirs will receive the same.” - J. Easterly

“I Like the People.” - June Barnett

“Everyone is very friendly.” - Rod Barnett

“When I signed up w/Phil it was important to have Annual Review meetings.  I thought the VIP program was a really good idea.  I have a whole different level of peace knowing I did this for my family.” - Rod Noll

“Phil is a great guy; Very concise and thorough.  The VIP program is a 1st Class thing.  And a great opportunity for all parties to our estate plan.  It makes a lot of sense.” - Al (and Opal) Bartsch

“[Phil] gives a great presentation.  Clear and Precise.” - P. Marquez

“Was the information I gathered today useful?  Yes, very.” - S. Rippie

“This is important stuff!” - B. Wolfmann


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